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A       Senior Power Plant Engineer/Supervisor


•     The  personnel    must  have  a minimum  of university  degree   in Electrical    Engineering   or Higher  National     Diploma.

•     The  personnel  must have  a minimum  of 10  years  working  experience  (in  electrical facilities  maintenance   and operation  power  plant  facilities-  with good technical   and supervisory  skills)   in the oil and   gas industry

•     The  personnel    must  be able   to work  independently   without  supervision    and  must  be a team worker.

•     The personnel   shall   have  sound  supervisory  and good communication   skill

•     The  personnel   shall    demonstrate   the  ability  to work  on different  power  generation   and distribution    equipment.


1.    He is  the Power  Plant Coordinator

2.    He assists  the  CLIENT  representative   on the coordination   and control   activities  of production  and distribution    of electrical    power  and power plant personnel

• He collaborates with the CLIENT representative for the correct execution and startup of new plants and equipment’s.

•     He coordinates and gives instructions to the power plant supervisors on the isolation and reset of the normal electrical configuration.

•     He collaborates with the CLIENT representative in order to ensure the full efficiency of the equipment’s, programming and scheduling the preventive maintenance, requesting dedicated specialized personnel.

•    He ensures correct assistance to the maintenance teams.

•      Checks and request to modify the setting of the protection relays according to the needs of the electrical production and distribution network.

•    Keeps records of the day-by-day activities and routine-extraordinary events.

•    Prepares ordinary/emergency technical procedures to submit to the CLIENT representative for approval.

•    Schedules the training   of the power plant personnel.

3.    Keeps records of the as-built documentation and normative to apply.

4.    Performs tests in order to optimize the performance of the production and distribution electrical networks and utilities.

5.    He elaborates and promotes programs in order to optimize the services.

6.     He determines the best operational and technical electrical assets.

7.     He carry on studies and verifications in order to reduce the consumption and indirect costs of the power plant management.

B   Power Plant Planner


•     B.SC  /HND

•     Minimum  4-6  years  of experience  in  planning  technical   activities

•      Strong  familiarity   with  project  management   software,  such  as Primavera   and  computer literate

•     Interpersonal    skill,   ethical  values  and commitment  to continual    improvement


•     Develop  the most appropriate   method  and sequence  of activities,   in conjunction  with the Project  Manager,  in order to ensure the project  is  completed   timely,   safely,   and on budget

•     Schedules  -preventive,   routine  and corrective   maintenance   plans   and oversees  the entire  program    of work

•     Prepare  daily, weekly  and monthly  maintenance  activities

•     Determines  appropriate  logistics   solution   in managing  resources

•     Sets up alerts   for all  important    contractual   and milestone   dates

•     Prepares  cash flow,   charts and   histograms   on planning   projects

•     Verifies  critical    path  and interfaces  between  design/   engineering/     procurement  execution

•     Monitors  progress  periodically    and compares  it with the baseline  planning

•     Updates  the schedule  based on inputs  received  from  project  team

•     Prepares  the monthly  Progress  reports

•     Prepares  the monthly  Labor histograms

C     Medium Voltage Specialist

• The personnel   must have a minimum of University degree in Electrical   Engineering   or Higher National Diploma.

• The personnel must have a minimum of 6 years working experience   on medium voltage switchgears and electrical   machines.

• The personnel   must have documents to show that he/she has been working on medium voltage switchgears and electrical machines.

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